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The FedChoice Charitable Foundation Receives Vizo Financial Empowerment Grant

The FedChoice Charitable Foundation (FCF) is committed to making a positive impact in local underserved communities in the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia area. The Foundation has received a $5,000 Financial Empowerment Grant from the Credit Union Foundation of Maryland and DC (CUFMD|DC) in support of FCF’s community-centric financial education and financial wellness programs.

Funded by a $50,000 grant from Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union, CUFMD|DC offers grants up to $5,000 per credit union for programs that help their members attain financial stability, with a focus on removing barriers to economic and social advancement.

Brett Noll, FCF Board Chair, said, “We could not be more thrilled to be one of the first recipients of this wonderful grant opportunity made possible through the generosity of Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union and the Credit Union Foundation of Maryland and DC. These funds will be put to use immediately to improve the lives of people in our community.”

“At the very core of the credit union movement is the idea of financial well-being for all, and it was with that mission in mind that Vizo Financial created the Empowerment Grants program that the Credit Union Foundation of Maryland and DC has embraced with open arms,” said Fred Eisel, President/CEO of Vizo Financial. “Because of the Foundation’s dedication to this idea of financial freedom for everyone, the FedChoice Charitable Foundation can now receive all the tools they need to provide accessible financial literacy programs to their members. It’s incredible to see our people helping people philosophy and the cooperative spirit in action, as these grants can make real change possible in the local communities.”

“Addressing barriers to financial well-being is fundamental to our mission at the Foundation,” said Leigh Philibosian, Director, CU Foundation MD|DC. “The Vizo Financial Empowerment Grant program has allowed us to offer meaningful support to the work credit unions are doing to help their members achieve a better quality of life. We are very pleased to support the important work the FedChoice Charitable Foundation is doing through these programs and the impact they will have in starting young students on the road to understanding how to manage their finances to achieve their goals.”

The new grant will fund the following programs:

Educational Support: FCF Educational Scholarships empower local high school graduates, paving the
way for their future career growth and financial success. Last year, three students from Maryland and Virginia received educational scholarships. This year, the Foundation launched the Guy Fleming
Scholarship that will support ten more students from local underserved communities nationwide. The new grant will help support the Foundation’s scholarship fund.

Small Educators’ Grants: FCF Teachers’ Aid Program (TAP) directly supports K-12 teachers, enabling
them to enhance classroom experiences and provide valuable learning opportunities for their students. Over 25 teachers from six K-12 schools received TAP grants for various classroom projects during this past year. The new grant will enable the Foundation to expand its reach to more educators in the Greater Washington DC area.

Community Financial Wellness: The Foundation is committed to the financial health of local underserved communities. The grant will directly support the Annual Community Day at Fairmont Heights High School, which brings together the whole community. The school will also use these funds to provide school uniforms and other school supplies to low-income community members. Hundreds of people from surrounding areas participate in this event every year, and our foundation hopes to make a difference this year. In addition, the grant will also fund the provision of food supplies for Oaklands Elementary School in Laurel, MD, as well as essential hygiene supplies for youth hygiene drives at Cora L. Rice Elementary School and G. James Gholson Middle School in Landover, MD.

Our strategy leverages the combined expertise and resources of FedChoice Federal Credit Union and the FedChoice Charitable Foundation. Rooted in the ‘People Helping People’ philosophy of the credit union movement, we address the unique financial literacy challenges faced by the federal community. Together, we empower individuals, promote community engagement, and build a brighter financial future for all.

About the FedChoice Charitable Foundation
The FedChoice Charitable Foundation was founded in 2017 and offers financial well-being programs in
local communities while being a resource, advocate, and champion for the Federal Community.

Andrey Gidaspov, Ph.D.
Executive Director
FedChoice Charitable Foundation

About the Credit Union Foundation MD|DC
The CU Foundation of MD|DC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving lives by helping credit unions better serve their members and communities with an emphasis on financial literacy, emerging credit union support, workforce development, professional development and education, and leadership. development. Visit for more information

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