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Advocacy lies at the heart of everything we do for you, our members. Together with our partners, we support, protect and advance credit union interests at the local, state and federal levels.

Our Core Priorities

The core priorities that drive our advocacy agenda include the following:

Advance Financial Well-Being

Credit unions prioritize improving the financial well-being of their members. That’s why we relentlessly advocate for policies that enable credit unions to continue to deliver on their mission of creating a stronger, more inclusive financial future for all.

Remain Competitive

Credit unions are a consumer-friendly option in a competitive marketplace. We work to protect credit unions’ unique role in the financial services sector by advancing policies that ensure consumers continue to have access to affordable and responsible financial services.

Reduce Regulatory Barriers

Consumers benefit from commonsense regulations tailored to meet the needs of not-for-profit, member-owned credit unions. We advocate for reducing regulatory barriers to ensure credit unions can better support small businesses, foster economic opportunity and strengthen communities.