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As part of your affiliation with our Association, you have free access to Peer Suite from Callahan & Associates. Peer Suite updates and replaces CU Analyzer with powerful analytics and benchmarking tools to help your credit union make better strategic decisions. The data collected helps benchmark financial performance, prepare for strategic planning and compare performance to industry peers.

Credit unions should use their CU Analyzer credentials to access Peer Suite through the Callahan portal. If you need assistance with login credentials, please email Jordan Burroughs at

Research Tools

Explore the latest economic trends, forecasts and performance data for credit unions locally and nationwide.

Benefits of Credit Union Membership
A state-by-state snapshot of the benefits of being a credit union member.

CUNA’s Economic Update
CUNA Economic Update videos provide 15-minute monthly overviews of the economy and its impact on credit unions.

NCUA: Credit Union Analysis
NCUA’s economists and analysts compile data on the credit union system’s financial performance, merger activity, changes in credit union chartering and fields of membership, as well as broader economic trends that can affect the health of credit unions.

Credit Union Trends Report from TruStage
The Credit Union Trends Report is a monthly “pulse check” on the state of the credit union marketplace by TruStage economists.