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CUNA and NAFCU Announce Intent to Merge

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU), the nation’s two leading credit union associations have officially announced their intent to merge and form a new organization, America’s Credit Unions. When the transaction closes, Jim Nussle, President and CEO of CUNA, will serve as the President and CEO of the new association should the merger take effect.

“By bringing together these two powerful credit union associations we are doubling down on our commitment to ensure the growth and prosperity of all credit unions across the nation and the 137 million Americans they serve,” said Nussle. “We look forward to uniting CUNA and NAFCU in what will be an exciting new chapter ahead, and we’re thrilled about the opportunities this will create for our members, employees, and business partners.”

The Board of Directors and Executive Committees of both CUNA and NAFCU voted unanimously in May to merge the two organizations. The merger will be subject to approval from the members of CUNA and NAFCU during a 60-day voting period, which is planned to begin later this month. NAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger, who made the decision earlier this year to step aside to fulfill family obligations and pursue other opportunities, will remain at the association until year-end, working to bring the two organizations together and to ensure the merger is a success.

“Both CUNA and NAFCU have worked together over the years to achieve victories for the credit union industry, and now the sky is the limit. I believe this is the best path forward for the industry,” said Berger. “A new, singular association under Jim’s fervent leadership will be able to harness the combined talent of both organizations to provide outstanding value to our members and ensure every household in America has the best credit union to serve them.”

Should members approve of the merger, America’s Credit Unions will legally be established no earlier than January 2024, with the intent to be fully operational by early 2025. The new association will initially be governed by a 16-person Board of Directors. This Transition Board will include current board members from both CUNA and NAFCU, including members of each board’s executive committee.

By combining strengths into a single entity, America’s Credit Unions will be a highly influential and effective voice for credit unions in Washington, D.C., and, in partnerships with the Leagues, across all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Guam.

“Both organizations have worked together to achieve great victories for the industry. This merger will provide the opportunity to innovate and strengthen the credit union industry as we respond to the banking challenges of the future,” said Lisa Ginter, Chair of the CUNA Board of Directors. “We have the utmost respect for both associations and their employees and look forward to working together as we integrate the two organizations to best support the credit union industry. We appreciate Dan’s relentless focus on growing NAFCU and serving its members with aggressive advocacy and ‘extreme member service,’ and wish him much luck in his future endeavors,” said Gary Grinnell, Chair of the NAFCU Board of Directors.

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Statement from MD|DC Credit Union Association President/CEO John Bratsakis:

“Congratulations on the proposed merger and establishment of America’s Credit Unions. The new organization presents a unique opportunity to strengthen the industry by enabling us to unite as one, cohesive voice to effectively advocate for credit unions at the national level. As your Association, our unparalleled expertise in regional policy matters sets us apart. We are the only organization championing credit union interests with legislators and regulators in the Maryland and Washington, DC area. Our primary focus remains delivering exceptional value to our members and driving the credit union agenda at the local and state level.”

The American Association of Credit Union Leagues congratulates the CUNA and NAFCU Boards of Directors in announcing this historic merger.

“We believe the merger is best for credit unions and their members as a superior model for a national trade association, providing a stronger, unified and impactful advocacy voice,” according to Jeff Olson, Chairman of the American Association of Credit Union Leagues and President/CEO of the Dakota Credit Union Association. “Ongoing credit union system evolution is necessary and a rich source of opportunity for system growth, strength and resilience. Ever stronger advocacy for credit unions and their members at the national and state levels is a highest-priority outcome, and working collaboratively with the state associations across the country, this merger provides a tremendous opportunity to advance the credit union movement.”

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