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Students Participate in Special “Insider” Tour of FedChoice FCU

Recently, FedChoice Federal Credit Union hosted over 75 third-grade students and teachers from Cora L. Rice Elementary School for a special “insider” tour of its headquarters.

students at credit union

The detailed tour created a wave of excitement with highlights including the students’ participation in an interactive workshop on budgeting and investments followed by a series of focused presentations by the FedChoice staff. In addition to the financial education, students learned about different career opportunities available to them in the future.

Additionally, the group learned a bit about the credit union governance structure from Brett Noll, President/CEO of FedChoice Federal Credit Union and Chairman of the Board of the Foundation. Several students had a chance to sit in the President’s chair and be Credit Union CEO for a moment. All took seats in the Boardroom as well. Mr. Noll stressed to the kids that in the credit union world, even the President reports to someone. He mentioned the Board of Directors is his boss and ultimately, everyone at the credit union works in the best interests of its members.

On the return to the school campus, the field trip conversations continued as many students completed their financial goal worksheets provided at the FedChoice budgeting workshop. Some of the students took it a step further by setting a realistic goal of saving money to purchase items at the Scholastic Book Fair. These students were charting their spending habits in their new financial ledger to make certain they had enough funds for their purchases.

Dr. Mickeli Dunn, Principal at Cora L. Rice Elementary School noted, “We, at Cora L. Rice are grateful for this partnership with FedChoice Charitable Foundation and the lasting impact that will continue to happen for our students and their families.”

FedChoice Charitable Foundation (FCF) is strongly committed to bringing financial literacy and education programs to local communities. FCF partnered with the Cora L. Rice Elementary School, a Title I community school in Landover, MD, to engage students with activities centered around savings, budgeting, investments and other important financial literacy skills to enable them to build a foundation to financial independence.

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