PSCU Opens Newly Upgraded Member Experience Center

An interactive hub that allows PSCU employees and credit unions to journey through a “day in the life” of credit union members across the country.

PSCU Member Experience

 Credit unions are invited to explore the Member Experience Center at PSCU’s St. Petersburg campus.

“Initially opening in early 2017, the Member Experience Center creates an engaging experience through the integration of collaborative and multimedia technologies,” said Scott Wagner, PSCU EVP and Chief Revenue Officer. “Our new Center is intended to demonstrate, educate and engage visitors who come to PSCU, showcasing the products, services and culture that help make PSCU the nation’s premier payments partner for credit unions.”

PSCU has recreated four environments within the new and improved Member Experience Center where members interact with their credit unions on a regular basis. Each unique environment illustrates how the CUSO’s offerings enhance the experience of credit unions and their members:

• Credit Union – Speed and convenience are key objectives for credit unions, both of which can be accomplished by leveraging PSCU’s industry-leading technology and integration platforms. Experience the branch of the future and see how PSCU delivers and enables the most advanced self-service capabilities in the industry.

Retail – Every transaction has an origination point. The entry method for retail transactions varies widely and continues to evolve. This area showcases a fully-functional selling environment to better demonstrate PSCU’s seamless payments solutions in action and show the transactional process through the eyes of the consumer.

Security – PSCU utilizes a comprehensive set of integrated fraud offerings to safeguard Owners from fraudulent activity. Deploying leading-edge technology, PSCU proactively detects unusual behavior across common points of purchase or channels to prevent fraud and drive additional savings for Owners, enabling a greater member experience. See how PSCU tirelessly fights fraud, guards sensitive information and keeps data safe with the smartest risk management solutions, robust security and total account protection.

Home – PSCU’s Smart Home creates a place that lets visitors experience the evolution of the consumer interface, including the use of Artificial Intelligence. See how easy it can be to digitally interact with your credit union and other Internet-connected devices from home – like purchasing groceries through a smart refrigerator.

The Member Experience Center offers numerous simulations in which visitors can participate. Guests can choose to either guide themselves through an individual experience or participate in a hosted experience with a PSCU representative.