How to Leverage Engagement Builder to Complement your Social Media Strategy

Register for PSCU's upcoming webinar to see a full demonstration of their social media management platform.   

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Is your credit union challenged with finding good social media content or financial literacy? Do you find social media time-consuming? Engagement Builder, available to members and non-members of PSCU, offers a full range of affordable solutions to increase credit unions' social media effectiveness. Its powerful marketing resources allow credit unions to build vital relationships, engage with their members, and create brand awareness from one easy-to-use interface. Register for our upcoming webinar to learn about the free resources Engagement Builder offers and see a full demonstration of our social media management platform, Meltwater. Once your credit union's social media channels are integrated into Meltwater, you are able to:

  • Listen and engage with your members and prospects
  • Effectively plan, schedule, and post your message across all networks
  • Analyze real-time social data, and in-depth reporting including competitor monitoring
  • PSCU’s Social Media Team will highlight the importance of:
  • Having your credit union on social media
  • Using engaging and product-related content
  • Brand personality and uniqueness on social media
  • Engaging with your members and prospects on social media

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