Point Breeze Credit Union Donates $10,000 to Pathfinders for Autism

 Donation will support programming, resource center and first responders

Baltimore, Maryland

Point Breeze Credit Union has donated $10,000 to Pathfinders for Autism in Hunt Valley Maryland. The funds will be used to support their resource center and helpline, parent workshops and training for first responders.

Pathfinders for Autism was created to improve the lives of individuals with autism and the people who care for them. They rely on donors like Point Breeze Credit Union to offer programs free of charge to all who participate.

“Pathfinders for Autism is very grateful for the generous support for our programs by Point Breeze Credit Union,” said Rebecca Rienzi, Executive Director of Pathfinders for Autism. “As businesses, we share the same vision of helping people at the local level in our communities. This gift will provide support for our resource center, training workshops, and recreational activities in communities throughout the state. Pathfinders for Autism is honored and appreciative of Point Breeze Credit Union’s investment in our work.”

The donation will be used towards programs including first responder training. This training provides first responders with “scenario-based” instruction. The program addresses how to identify disabilities and their characteristics and make modifications and accommodations for those that first responders are helping. It also helps identify behaviors that can be mistaken for belligerence or acts of aggression.

Pathfinders for Autism serves thousands of families throughout Maryland. One in 50 children in Maryland are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, which means many of Point Breeze’s own members benefit from services provided by Pathfinders for Autism.

“Autism affects many families in our community and we are honored to do our part to help this wonderful, caring organization here in Hunt Valley,” said Bernie McLaughlin, President and CEO of Point Breeze Credit Union. “Pathfinders for Autism is a unique program that offers assistance not only to those directly affected by autism, but also helps educate the community as a whole, something we are proud to stand behind.”

In addition to its support for Pathfinders for Autism, Point Breeze Credit Union has generously donated $10,000 to Sarah’s Hope at Hannah More, a program run by St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore and $10,000 to each of the Boys & Girls Clubs in Bel Air, Baltimore and Westminster. In total, Point Breeze has contributed $50,000 so far this year to local non-profits that are based in the communities that it serves.