Insights and Strategies for the Credit Union New Frontier Webinar

No one could have predicted the course of 2020. Plans are out of whack, budgets are tighter, and as we look into the future, finding a new normal feels like a tremendous responsibility and a giant guessing game. Join CUNA Mutual Group on Thursday, June 25 at 11:30 am for the Moving Forward Forum. 

That’s where being part of the credit union system makes a difference; we know how to pull together to share resources that help you make more informed decisions based on best practices across our industry. Three sessions will be hosted by credit union industry experts at CUNA Mutual Group to provide ideas to help you increase agility, increase revenue, and effectively serve the growing multicultural consumer population. 


How Leveraging Agility Will Help You Meet Uncertainty Head-On

Tammie Harvey, Director of Continuous Improvement and Agile Execution, CUNA Mutual Group
Ashley Utz, Vice President, Human Resources, CUNA Mutual Group

Now, more than ever, we are faced with rapidly changing conditions, multifaceted problems and a whole lot of uncertainty of what is to come. Leading is more complex than ever. It is requiring us to think about and adjust the way we work and how we serve our customers and employees now and into the future.  We will share some of the strategies that are helping us lean into this uncertainty with confidence!

Maximize Credit Unions’ Non-Interest Income
Bob Larson and Jeff Davenport, Financial Consultants, CUNA Mutual Group
Today’s unprecedented economic conditions will greatly impact credit unions’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and, in particular, credit union earnings. In order to be there for your members and to keep regulators satisfied, credit unions must explore every aspect of their income statement to leverage additional income. Learn strategies to sustain and improve your Non-Interest Income revenue stream and explore industry best practices to help with your strategy.

Multicultural Consumers—The Good, The Bad and The Opportunity.
Edgar Hernandez and Opal Tomashevska, Sr. Managers of Multicultural Business Strategy, CUNA Mutual Group
The Good:
By 2030 multicultural consumers will make up the majority of the U.S. population, a growth that will bring new opportunities for empathetic and savvy organizations. 
The Bad: Some businesses are still looking retrospectively at how the consumer landscape “used to be,” and not at how “it will be.” This will not only limit their ability to connect with new consumers but also limit their ability to attract diverse talent.
The Opportunity: Recent events have amplified differences in income, healthcare access and discrimination toward people of color that had been less visible to the general population, and this is presenting new challenges that will require novel solutions.  Is your credit union ready to connect with this market?

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