Nominations Being Accepted for National Credit Union Foundation Board

The National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) is currently seeking nominations for a vacant board seat.

Volunteers may generally serve up to three terms of the duration of the term of office for the seat they are selected, as long as they are re-nominated by the Foundation Nominations Committee and re-elected by the Foundation Board.

The Foundation serves as the national charitable arm of the U.S. credit union movement. Its mission is to be a catalyst to improve people’s financial lives through credit unions. To that end, the Foundation delivers:

  • • Catalytic experiential learning, resources, and tools to help credit unions measure and improve consumer financial health;
  • • Transformative, best-in-class training in the education and application of credit union business principles and philosophy; and
  • • A centralized and efficient fundraising model to quickly mobilize funds for credit unions affected by natural disasters.

The Foundation Board guides the strategic direction of the Foundation to serve the credit union movement.

Open Board Seat
The qualifications for the vacant Foundation Board seat are as follows:

  • Seat 7 – Credit union executive or director. The candidate must be an executive officer or director of a credit union.

  • How to Apply 
    Qualified candidates interested in applying can visit HERE to obtain the “Declaration of Candidacy” document. Applications must be received by January 24, 2020.