Del-One Pavilion Opens at DE Turf

Last year, Del-One teamed up with representatives from the Kent County Regional Sports Complex (DE Turf) in Frederica to build the Del-One Pavilion. 

Del One
Del-One Federal Credit Union is a community-focused credit union and is always on the lookout to find ways to better serve our local communities. 

This pavilion will provide shade and relief to the mass amounts of people attending games and tournaments at the Turf fields.  Del-One Interim President/ CEO Ron Baron, along with Board Chair Nancy Shevock and other Senior Management staff of Del-One, was onsite to cut the ribbon to officially open the Del-One Pavilion.  Mr. Baron stated on behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and membership of Del-One, it is an honor to sponsor this structure and Del-One is proud to be able to give back to the community with this endeavor. 

The pavilion stands 24’ X 48’ with seating capacity for up to 60 people and will stand in proximity to a future ADA-compliant playground on site.  For added convenience, there is also a Del-One Federal Credit Union ATM located near the concession stand at DE Turf.