Directors Forum Provides Opportunity to Engage with State Lawmaker

Maryland State Delegate Jason Buckel shared how credit unions can leverage their community-focused mission to be highly effective advocates for their members.

Directors Forum RockyGap 2019

The MD|DC Credit Union Association hosted the forum at Rocky Gap Resort in Flintstone, Maryland on Wednesday. The Association's Advocacy Team discussed issues taking shape that will impact credit unions, including data breaches, senior financial exploitation and BSA -- and how important it is for directors to share their perspective with lawmakers and regulators.

“Volunteers care deeply about credit unions and work in the best interest of their members,” said MD|DC Credit Union Association President/CEO John Bratsakis. “Their perspective and personal stories truly have an impact on legislators and regulators.”

The Directors Forums are designed to help board and supervisory committee members learn about trends and challenges relevant to credit unions and provide an opportunity to engage in discussions.