Open Your Eyes to Creative Themes & Buzzwords in your Communication

Key themes, talking points, and buzzwords have been proven to resonate with various audiences according to CUNA research. 

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Small changes in the language used in marketing efforts have been proven to garner attention from diverse demographics, which may prove to be what garners new member attention.  Here are a few catchphrases you can start using today in your credit union messaging to keep things fresh and upbeat!

Key Themes and talking points
“There’s a credit union for everyone.”
“Turn financial goals into fantastic realities.”

Key phrases and buzzwords
“Do more with your money.”
“Live more awesome.”
“You’re a person, not an account number.”
“Access your money anywhere.”
“Better rates, exceptional service.”

The goal is to appeal to all ages and demographics by providing messaging that is straight to the point and optimistic.