The 2019 MD|DC Credit Union Association Annual Meeting and Convention is a local conference with nationally-acclaimed keynote speakers and professionals in the credit union field. Thank you for joining us this year. We hope you enjoyed the activities and learning sessions to help with your professional growth, and we hope to see you next year. Below is a list of the available presentations from the conference that our speakers were gracious enough to share with us. We hope you enjoy.  

The presentations for the following breakout sessions are available: (Please check back for additional presentations)

ALM Exams: An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Care

Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Training for Executives and Volunteers

Employment Law: The Dangers of Symbolism in the Workplace

How to Market and Sell to People Not Like You

Juntos Avanzamos: The Hispanic Market Where Mission Meets Opportunity

Lending Across Generations

The Hidden Risks of the Auto Lending Boom

The Power of Presence: Make the First 7 Seconds Count

If you have any questions about the Education sessions from AMC please contact:

Leigh Philibosian, Vice President of Engagement