FREE Training to Protect Your Credit Union and Members from Financial Fraud

Elder Financial exploitation is on the rise. Knowing how to identify potential fraud can help you protect yourself, your credit union and your credit union members. The MD|DC Credit Union Association is offering affiliated credit unions FREE training for employees and their members through Senior Safeguard, an online training program.  

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With Congress now requiring financial institutions to provide senior financial exploitation training to qualify for immunity when reporting suspected fraud, now is the time to ensure your credit union employees are properly trained to recognize and report financial fraud.

  Protect yourselves and your loved ones from adult financial exploitation by learning how to identify the warning signs of financial fraud.

The Facts on Financial Fraud 
Scammers are well-rehearsed, incredibly convincing and prey on people of all ages, but they most commonly target people over the age of 65. Seniors are losing an estimated $36 billion annually to fraud, and according to National Adult Protective Services (NAPSA), 1 out of 9 seniors experiences financial exploitation but only 1 in 44 will ever report it. NASPA's website includes where to report suspected senior fraud/abuse by state, click here to view.

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