Managing your operations policies just got easier!
Register your credit union below to get access to CU PolicyPro, a great MD|DC Credit Union Association membership service! A unique manual will be created for each affiliated credit union.

Only one person should register from each credit union - this person will be set up with full admin level access, and designated as the "Primary Admin" for the credit union. The Primary Admin can also add additional staff as users (including other admin-level users) who can access CU PolicyPro. Any additional staff registering from the credit union will be directed to the Primary Admin to gain access.

Once the registration is submitted, your credit union’s account will be set up within two to three days, and the Primary Admin will be sent an e-mail with log-on instructions and resources to help you get started.

After logging in, you can begin using CU PolicyPro immediately, customizing the model policies and adding your existing policies.

If you are not sure if your credit union has already been set up with a CU PolicyPro manual, please contact the CU PolicyPro Support staff at


Please print and read the Subscriber Agreement provided here prior to submitting this form.