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Member Close

MemberClose offers lenders their choice of nationally recognized providers as well as the opportunity to incorporate local providers that may have a valued relationship with the Credit Union. Services available include; credit reports, automated valuation models (AVMs), guaranteed AVMs, AVM validation and back-testing, appraisals, gap valuation services, BPOs, flood determinations, flood insurance, limited title searches, owners and encumbrance reports, legal and vesting reports, lien protection insurance, lien reports, title insurance, income verification, tax tracking services, document preparation, fraud detection, closing services, recording services, mortgage leads, foreclosure data, insurance services, and more. By utilizing the latest technology, combined with aggregated volume from its national client base, MemberClose is able to offer bundled solutions which increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and help lenders close more loans.

845 Donald Lynch Blvd.
Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752

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