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Credit Union Members: Let’s Count Together!

Mon, Jul 28, 2014

Columbia, Maryland

Did you know there are over 1.5 million people in Maryland, in virtually every town and community, who are members of credit unions? In Washington, DC alone, well over 150 thousand residents belong to credit unions. These community based institutions  serve the financial needs of members through savings, checking, business  loans, home mortgages, community involvement and more.

For instance, in round numbers, Rep. Cummings represents the Inner Harbor, Baltimore and 175,000 CU members; Rep. Harris represents St. Michael’s, the Eastern Shore and 135,000 CU members.  Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, represents the Bowie Baysocks, PG County and over 100,000 CU members. These are numbers that our representatives in Congress need to know!   But we need to know a little bit more to convey this important information to Capitol Hill.   

CUNA has a program in place called Project Zip Code (PZC), in which credit unions can quickly and securely upload member zip code information (no member names are uploaded) to help determine an exact number of members who reside in each Congressional district. This will give CUNA and our Association the ability to accurately let an office know the CU members in their respective districts at any given time.

This advocacy information is extremely important for members and staff to hear and know. Member constituents vote…and Members of Congress can count.  

Please review the link to PZC and look for information regarding an upcoming Association sponsored webinar which will walk CU’s through the simple process of joining the program. For more information about Project Zip Code, please contact: Glen Cooney, VP, Advocacy & Legislative Affairs at 443-325-0775 or