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Nominations for NCUA small-CU consulting close May 31

Sat, May 24, 2014

Alexandria, Virginia

Nominations for credit unions to receive free consulting services from the National Credit Union Administration's Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives are due May 31. 

"NCUA's free consulting program regularly delivers practical plans and technical advice that participating credit unions find highly valuable," NCUA Board Chairman Debbie Matz said. "Because NCUA is committed to helping small, new, minority and low-income credit unions to remain viable, I encourage all qualified credit unions to submit a nomination." 

NCUA's consulting services, provided by experienced economic development specialists, offer assistance to credit unions in the areas of budgeting, marketing, policy development, strategic planning and operational or regulatory areas. Selected credit unions receive assistance for a six-month period. 

To qualify a credit union must fall into one of the following categories: total assets of less than $50 million, a new charter (fewer than 10 years), designation as a Minority Depository Institution or designation as a low-income credit union.  Credit unions may nominate themselves or be nominated by their NCUA examiner.

Credit unions not chosen in one round may apply again in subsequent rounds. 

Qualified credit unions may submit a nomination through NCUA's website. 

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Source: CUNA News Now