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Can Training Cuts Hurt your Bottom Line?

Tue, Jan 7, 2014

Columbia, Maryland

Can training cuts hurt your bottom line?

An article by Mark Arnold, an acclaimed speaker, brand expert and strategic planner who helps credit unions achieve their goals with strategic marketing insights and energized training, provides his thoughts about the value of external training.   Published in November 2013, the article is archived on the website of CUNA’s HR/TD Council.    

Here’s a highlight:   It makes sense to provide internal training and policies, procedures and even systems. Nobody knows that stuff better than your people, and you no doubt have several experts on staff equipped to provide this training. External trainers have entirely different skill sets than many staff trainers. They tend to specialize in specific areas of business. They stay current on the business trends and methods which can help improve productivity, efficiency and even morale. They also don’t have the baggage that might exist. If Sally staff member was overlooked for a promotion she thought she deserved, she might not be receptive to training for the person who did get the job. External trainers have a more objective viewpoint and are able to motivate your employees in areas where internal trainers struggle.

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