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Save Training Dollars with Webinar Series

Tue, Dec 31, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

Sign up for a webinar series in 2014.    Each series - ACH Specialist, Director, Emerging Leader, Frontline, Real Estate Lending and Required Compliance – consists of six webinars.     By signing up for a series, you’ll get six webinars for the price of five.  

The ACH Specialist series will cover a wide variety of topics, including operating rules, audits, exceptions, adjustments and the legalities of return deadlines.  

The Director series will ensure that directors understand their management oversight, enterprise risk, and strategic planning responsibilities.  

The series for Emerging Leaders will focus on critical financial functions, analytical skills and management techniques that will prepare participants for their future leadership responsibilities.

The Frontline webinars will provide the necessary training so frontline staff can perform and improve their wide-ranging skills with assurance and accuracy.   

Real Estate Lending has its own series focusing on a broad range of real estate specific topics.   The webinars will cover the new rules, risks and compliance challenges of real estate lending.

The Required Compliance series is designed to fulfill compliance training for all credit union staff and includes documentation tools to provide to examiners.   

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