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Richard Rhinehart, CU Director Passes at the Age of 105

Wed, Dec 18, 2013

Baltimore, Maryland

On December 3, 2013, Richard Rhinehart, Director Emeritus for Destinations Credit Union, passed away at the age of 105.  He claimed the key to his longevity was attitude. With the right attitude you can accomplish much in this life.  His positive attitude radiated from him.

Born in Ashville, Ohio in 1908, he grew up during the First World War. He joined the Marines in 1929 and served for two years. Following his stint in the service, he made Baltimore his permanent home and worked at various jobs. In 1937, he opened his own business selling supplies. 

As war once again threatened the nation, he went to work for the Baltimore Transit Company – transportation systems were considered at the time to be a key component of national security.  There he held many positions. Having started as a driver, his positive attitude and personal fortitude helped him climb the ranks.  He ended up teaching other professionals how to drive and was frequently asked to provide consultation for police departments and other transit companies throughout the region.  Rhinehart was the oldest person in Maryland (and quite possibly in the country) with a commercial driver’s license – something he re-qualified for at the age of 99. 

His awards from both the public and private sector are too numerous to mention.  There are two though, of which he is particularly proud. The Masonic Order bestows its 33rd Degree on those who most diligently serve the causes for which the organization stands. He was given that honor a few years ago. The Masons also awarded him the Warren S. Seipp Grand Lodge medal, which is given to very few individuals for their dedication and service to the Shriner’s philanthropic causes.  He has been a member of the Masonic Order since 1937 and has assisted in fundraising for the Shriner’s Children’s hospitals for much of that time.

He served Destinations Credit Union (formerly MTA Credit Union) for nearly 65 years.  He served on the Board of Directors for much of that time. When he decided to step aside a few years ago to make room for new directors, he was made an “honorary director.” He was named “Director of the Year” by the MD|DC Credit Union Association in 2008 – the year he turned 100. 

Richard Rhinehart touched many lives during his 105 years, and those who knew him will attest that they are better for having known him.  He was truly an amazing man.

Destinations Credit Union is a $57 million financial institution located in Baltimore, MD.  It was originally chartered the Baltimore Transit Company Credit Union and now serves over 150 employers on the Baltimore area.