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Registration is open for Leadership Success Circle

Tue, Dec 17, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

Executive Success Circle is a year-long program designed to propel you and your leadership to a whole new level. The program is designed for the high level leader who is looking for a combination of structured masterminding, leadership development, professional support and accountability all in one place.

Participants will meet each month for eleven months of the year, beginning March 18, 2014, when it will start with a full day retreat to get to know the other members, take time to reflect on your leadership goals, and design a vision and plan of action. Subsequent four-hour meetings will be held each month to network, participate in structured masterminding, discuss goals and plans, and support each other in taking massive action.

You will also meet with Laurie Maddalena, a certified executive coach, on a regular basis to receive individual support to ensure you exceed your goals. She will work with you one-on-one as your personal advisor to help you work through challenges, opportunities, and ultimately to achieve your highest level of success.

Each participant will achieve different results, based on the specific vision and goals you design. Know that you will receive full support in exceeding all of your professional and personal goals and dreams. The program is limited to ten people so each participant receives focused attention and support. Each applicant must meet the minimum requirements and will be interviewed by Laurie Maddalena to ensure they are fully committed and the right fit for the program. Participants must be from non-competing organizations to ensure all leaders feel comfortable sharing sensitive information in a confidential environment.

Click Executive Success Circle for a printable program description and an application.

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Questions? Contact Nick Koumentakos, or 443-325-0766