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Thank you CUNA Mutual Group

Thu, Nov 21, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

Happy Thanksgiving to you and to your family.  Naturally, this is the time of the year that our thoughts turn to what we are grateful for.  For me, as I celebrate one year at the association, what I am most grateful for is the overwhelming passion our membership exhibits in living the credit union philosophy.  After having spent 10 years at a bank, hearing from our credit unions “What’s the right thing to do for our members?” versus “How do we grow profit?” has been refreshing.  I am also reminded of something my uncle told me when I was a teenager, “The only time you need insurance is when you don’t have it.”  What he was really saying is that individuals and families need to be protected.  When it comes to our credit unions and our members we are very lucky to have such a strong committed partner like the CUNA Mutual Group.

For more than 75 years, CUNA Mutual Group has provided credit unions with trusted products and services. But CUNA Mutual Group is much more than just a credit union system partner.

Last year, CUNA Mutual paid over $12 million in claims to Maryland and DC credit unions and members. Their response to claims helps them stand out among their competitors. CUNA Mutual consistently pays out about 2/3 of their premiums in claims! This is a big reason why the MD|DC Credit Union Association works closely with CUNA Mutual and is proud to partner with them. CUNA Mutual’ s reimbursement program is also very robust with $2.6 million (YTD) sent back to our affiliated credit unions. 

What you may not know is how CUNA Mutual works closely with state associations, leagues and the national credit union movement. When CUNA rolled out its Unite for Good campaign, CUNA Mutual provided rich research statistics. Any time an Action Alert is initiated, CUNA Mutual management and staff send emails and make phone calls to their lawmakers, as well as take part in lawmaker visits. CUNA Mutual also has a reimbursement program for state associations and last year returned $35 million across the country. This money is then returned to you in the form of more products and services. 

When we look for a strategic partner, a few criteria need to be present: reduce risk, decrease expenses and operational efficiencies. CUNA Mutual meets all of those criteria. By choosing MD|DC Credit Union Association partners and CUNA Mutual, you are helping the sustainability of the association. Signature Events such as our Leadership Forum, Annual Meeting and Convention and Women’s Leadership as well as dues are generously subsidized by CUNA Mutual.

If you don’t already use CUNA Mutual Group or have taken a close look at our other partners, I ask that you consider them. Credit unions across the country are benefitting every day by the products and services they provide. Trust and performance are important and when you can show a proven track record of success it makes your choice easy.  To learn more about CUNA Mutual Group, please contact me at or 443.325.0766.