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COMSTAR Federal Credit Union is now known as Nymeo

Tue, Apr 30, 2013

Frederick, Maryland

After 80 years of loyal service to its members, COMSTAR Federal Credit Union of Frederick, MD has rebranded itself as Nymeo, “A new way to look at money.” The change reflects new service offerings, branch designs, and a renewed commitment to its members but is not the product of a takeover or sale.


COMSTAR Federal Credit Union is a cooperative, not-for-profit financial institution dedicated to promoting each member's financial wellbeing. It has served the people of Frederick, MD for more than 80 years. Now as it looks to its future as Nymeo, the credit union has decided to show its members new commitment and vision by rebranding and expanding services. 

COMSTAR Federal Credit Union is now known as Nymeo. By helping its members find a new way to look at money, the credit union positions itself against the business-as-usual attitudes of other financial institutions and hopes to become a more helpful option for its current and future members. Along with the name change, the credit union has adopted new colors and marketing messages. It also overhauled the COMSTAR website, adding both clarity and increased functionality. Visitors to the brick and mortar locations in Frederick will also note an updated branch design indicative of the new brand. All this signals new training for Nymeo staff as well. Each member is assigned a “financial concierge” to help advise about optimal products and services based on the member’s individual needs. 

According to Nymeo President and CEO Victoria M. Johnston, “The decision to re-brand is just another part of our strategic plan to make this credit union the absolute best financial institution around – one that provides all the same services and technology as the big banks, but also the level of care and personalization our members deserve.”