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MD|DC CUA Partners with Monumental Sports

Thu, Oct 31, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

Savings for your members – enhanced reputation for your credit union.

The MD|DC Credit Union Association is always looking for ways to provide value added products and services to our members, or to empower you to win more members and create a great value proposition to your membership.  As such, we are proud to announce our partnership with Monumental Sports.  Monumental Sports is the marketing arm of the Capitals, Wizards and other various Verizon Center events.  This partnership is extremely easy and will be appreciated by your membership:

  • Add the link and verbiage onto your website (that’s all you do!) COMING SOON
  • Your interested members go directly to a special landing page where they can shop for their discounted tickets directly
  • The member completes their transaction simply and easily
  • The member calls you to thank you or brings a family member in to open a new relationship

It’s that simple!

I interviewed our partner at Monumental Sports Jill Buxbaum, here is an excerpt from our conversation:

Q: What is one interesting fact about Jill Buxbaum? 

Jill: I was class clown of my high school senior class.

Q: What is your job title and what do you like most about it?

Jill: My job title is Director of Arena Sales for Monumental Sports & Entertainment, Verizon Center and Patriot Center.  I really like working with people, and I love sports and this opportunity allows me to do both!

Q: Why is Monumental Sports making this offer to local credit unions?

Jill: At Monumental Sports we feel it is very important to partner with folks in the local community, and we see this as an opportunity to offer discounted tickets to local credit unions all over the Maryland and District of Columbia region.

Q: In addition to the Wizards and Capitals are there other events that you will be offering? 

Jill: Yes, I am also in charge of the group sales side of our family show business, so we can also provide discounted tickets to Disney on Ice, Sesame Street Live, the Circus, and the Globetrotters for example.  Last year we had Cirque du Soleil as an arena event, so you never know what is coming down the pike!

Q: What kind of savings are available for Wizards tickets and for Capitals tickets? 

Jill: This is hard to give a concrete number, because depending on the day and the team, both the Wizards and the Caps have dynamic pricing for each game.  Discounts can be pretty phenomenal like a $40 Wizards ticket for $19.  However to be safe you can look for a 15-20% discount.

Q: Do you think the Wizards will make the playoff this year? 

Jill: I am very optimistic that the Wizards will make the playoffs-we are so close!

To learn more about this free credit union member discount contact me at 443.325.0766 or