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Great American Insurance Company (GAIC)- November 30

Thu, Oct 31, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

Recently I was participating in a webinar for the Great American Insurance Company (GAIC).  As I prepared for the session I asked them the question, “What is the approximate savings that your member credit unions realize?”  They shared that the conservative estimate is around $5,000 in savings.  Being the curious guy that I am I took a minute to figure out what car loan balances would need to be achieved to get to that same gross income.  I calculated that $250,000 in car loans at 2% would be a similar net result for a credit union.  So, what this really means is by talking to GAIC you may achieve the same result to the bottom line as originating, processing and closing about 10 car loans, without all the overhead, expense and risk linked to those activities.  Curious?  Join us for this 30 minutes webinar on Wednesday, November 30 at 2:00.  Please email me, if you plan on joining so that I can provide you with the webinar details.