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Improving Member Experience Through MSR Training

Mon, Oct 14, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

Take advantage of two-for-one pricing for Sales Training for MSRs and FSRs on November 5 & 6, and Branch Manager Sales Coach training on November 12.  

How important are tellers whether live or virtual?  Surveys show that nearly 85% of all interactions at the branch occur at the teller window.  What does this mean?  Primarily that tellers have the greatest opportunity to enhance member loyalty. Additionally, tellers will have a greater opportunity to identify any needs that the member might have that may never surface through another channel.  Some best practices around teller interactions include:

  • Greeting the member quickly and warmly
  • Acknowledging any delays
  • Using the member’s name at least twice
  • Reviewing the member’s transactions for the last 30 months.

    Pay close attention to:
    • Car loan payments
    • Mortgage loans
    • Credit card payments
    • Brokerage / Insurance ACH outgoing
    • Asking what else you can assist the member with
    • Thanking the member


In a 2010 survey of tellers who voluntarily left their job, they stated that the lack of ongoing training was one of the primary drivers of dissatisfaction.  MD|DC Credit Union Association has listened to your requests and is offering teller training for the introductory price of buy one and get one free.  At the end of this one-day class, participants will learn the following:

  • How referrals are a part of providing great service
  • Identifying member needs
  • Confirming member needs
  • Making introductions to the MSR/FSR
  • Member transaction cues
  • Member activity cues
  • Member verbal cues
  • Member nonverbal cues
  • Action plan and commitment for back on the job

If growing your teller’s skill and growing member loyalty and increasing referrals is important to your achieving your objectives, then you don’t want them to miss this class.  Contact me at for more information click here to register.