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Free Webinars Offered by CUNA Strategic Services

Mon, Oct 7, 2013

Madison, Wisconsin

The security industry is replete with complex and competing standards, many of which are out of touch with the real world. TraceSecurity has observed an increasing focus on a newer, much simpler standard, the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls. In March, the SANS Institute issued an 88-page report, "Critical Controls to Effective Cyber Defense – Version 4.1," to identity 20 critical security controls that relate to actual attacks and effective defenses.

When your auditors ask for details on vendor relationships and risks, where do you start? In many credit unions, vendor data is here, there, everywhere. Typically, almost half of operating expenses goes to vendors. It's surprisingly easy for these vendor expenses to spiral out of control. Discover a better way to organize and monitor your credit union's vendor information — without relying on dozens of Excel files. Passageways can make it easy to bring everything into focus. Get your questions answered by Passageways' vendor management experts.

Keeping up with information security threats means turning security intelligence into policy rules. But over time, even good policies will get out of sync with emerging security risks. So how can a credit union establish security policies that ensure compliance and incorporate the appropriate level of security? This webinar explores four steps to help you create intelligent information security policies.