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A Video Is Worth A Thousand Words!

Tue, Sep 10, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

Check out this video of Teri Yanovitch on Successful Leadership

Teri Yanovitch will be one of our keynote speakers at the 2013 Women’s Leadership Conference.  Email to register or visit for additional information. 

Teri garnered some of the highest responses ever (4.86 out of 5) from our members after speaking at our 2013 Annual Meeting & Convention.  For this session she will focus on:  "Becoming a Genuine Leader".  Teri will identify five characteristics of genuine leadership and how they apply to you.

These are indicative comments from her session:

  • Teri is an excellent speaker.  Great job engaging the audience through exercises.   Very useful, real information that can be used. 
  • Great motivation!  Things I can use at my workplace.  A lot of varying examples given.  Awesome!
  • Personal experience and professional practice really showed in delivery.
  • She exceeded what I expected.