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Solutions that Work: Exclusive Savings for our Members!

Thu, Aug 29, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

MD|DC CUA recently announced a number of ways to help bring real bottom line savings to our membership.  Two solutions that have been received enthusiastically are our partnerships with FedEx and the Great American Insurance Company (GAIC).  Both companies are best in class in their areas of expertise.  Let me review how both companies can help save you money.

FedEx and the MD|DC CUA have partnered to offer savings between 40% - 60% on all of your shipping needs.  In an earlier survey of our membership, we learned that the average credit union would save $600 per month.   If you want to estimate what you would save, simply take your monthly FedEx, UPS or similar expenses and take 40% off for a ballpark figure of what you can save.  A few things to note, there is no short- or long-term obligation and no sign up fees.  All our member credit unions have been assigned an account number that will automatically provide you with the discounted rates.  I would encourage you to give this a try, you will receive great FedEx products and services at a tremendous savings.  One satisfied CEO said this about the program, “I just wanted to let you know that we have begun utilizing our new FedEx account under the MD|DC CUA program and are realizing great savings. I was just told by staff that a package that shipped yesterday was about $50 less than what we paid previously. With tight budgets this savings is a welcome benefit and certainly is a value added to our affiliation.” For more information or to receive your credit unions account number please give me a call at 443.325.0766 or email me at

GAIC and the MD|DC CUA have joined forces to offer our member credit unions a one stop shop provider of equipment maintenance management programs.  Great American’s program, Equipment Management Solutions or EMS, is a comprehensive equipment management program that supports and enhances credit union operations. The program provides immediate cost savings and caps annual service expenditures. Additional benefits include improved operating efficiencies, and assistance with equipment cost analysis, budgeting and long-term planning.

The EMS program provides coverage for a wide range of equipment including, but not limited to, financial, security, office, facility, IT and telecommunications. GAIC has been around since 1872 and actually purchased this line of business from CUNA Mutual Group a few years back.  Like a competing insurance company says, “A fifteen minutes phone call can save you 15% or more”, a call to GAIC can save you money and simplify your equipment maintenance program.  For more information give me a call at 443.325.0766 or email me at

We are always listening for other areas of opportunity for the Association to save our member credit unions money.  A few ideas sent my way include document shredding, offsite document storage and medical insurance.  In addition to researching other areas, I am currently reviewing how we can save our member credit unions on their local courier service, but I need your help!  Please follow this link to complete a short survey on how and if you utilize a courier service.  This information will allow us to negotiate volume pricing for interested members.  By completing the survey you are under no obligation to participate, but you may end up finding a vendor who can meet your needs and do so at a price that you would not be able to negotiate individually.  The link for the short survey is here:

If you have any other suggestions about products or services you would like us to pursue, please contact me at

Finally, for those of you who don’t know me, the last 17 years of my professional career has been built around creating a strong results-oriented sales and service culture for a number of financial institutions.  I am passionate about the importance of our ability to provide a great experience to our members and to uncover known financial needs and as well as unknown financial needs.  Getting good at this requires a team effort.  Tellers needs to be able to identify potential needs and refer to the platform.  The platform associates need to have a strong questioning strategy and the ability to follow-up on cues that the member emits about financial needs.  The MSR/FSR then needs to make strong needs based recommendations that leads to a member agreeing to a product or service.  Finally, having a sales and service culture requires branch managers who can coach and a systematic approach that rewards those employees who grow member loyalty and share of the wallet.  To help our members we are offering classes for each job family, teller, financial or member service representative and branch manager.  For this round of classes, we are offering an enroll one get a second participant for free bonus.  These classes are limited to 16 participants so if you are interested please contact me at 443.325.0766 or email me at  to enroll or for additional information.