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Solutions that Work: Leadership the Final Frontier

Tue, Jul 30, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

Any Star Trek fans out there?  I certainly was.  The entire notion of space being the ultimate destination was intriguing to me.  In the original Star Trek, Spock and Kirk certainly had their share of adventures and revelations as they sought to achieve their mission.  For leaders, a similar concept seems to apply.  Keep striving to learn more about the ways to be effective.  Learn how to be efficient and grow your people and achieve your goals. 

Your association has listened to your desire to provide you with high impact leadership learning and development opportunities.  Signature events such as our Leadership Forum in April featured former Governor Bob Ehrlich sharing his ten leadership principles.  At our Annual Meeting and Convention, we heard NASA scientist Dr. Jeff Norris talk about the leadership and vision needed to put a man on the moon.  We have a bevy of great women leaders speaking at our October 2 – 4 Women’s Leadership Conference including nationally renowned Michelle Singletary.  

We also launched programs that are designed specifically for leaders at our credit unions.  We introduced our Leadership in Action program that is running currently helping to grow the skills of those new or emerging leaders.  In September, we are launching our C-suite Executive Success Circle which is guaranteed to help the participant grow their leadership toolbox and enhance their leadership routines and strategies. 

To demonstrate our commitment to leadership, we have invited Laurie Maddalena of Envision Excellence, Annual Meeting and Women’s Leadership speaker, and the leader of the Leadership in Action and Executive Success Circle, to come speak to all of our senior leaders at a complimentary breakfast on August 28 at 8:00 AM at our Columbia location.  Laurie will present an encore of “The Effective Executive" session she presented at the Annual Meeting and Convention and then share information about the upcoming Executive Success Circle program.

During the first hour of the breakfast, Laurie will share specific tools and strategies for becoming a more productive and effective leader so you can perform at your highest level.

Following the presentation, Laurie will share details about the Executive Success Circle program that begins in September. This is a year-long program that is open to vice presidents and C-level executives. Laurie will share the program curriculum and benefits, and answer your questions about the program.

Seating for the breakfast is limited, so please call Nick Koumentakos at 443.325.0766 or to reserve a space.