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Executive Success Circle Announced!

Tue, Jul 23, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

Executive Success Circle is a year-long executive leadership "Success Circle" geared towards vice presidents and C-level executives.

The Success Circle program is a combination of formal strategic leadership development, structured masterminding, professional support and accountability. This program is facilitated by Laurie Maddalena, a leadership development consultant and certified executive coach. A Success Circle is the place executives can come to exchange best practices, increase business knowledge, generate ideas and plans, build relationships, and receive targeted high impact feedback and coaching.

The Success Circle meets each month for eleven months of the year, taking August off for a break. We will start with a full day retreat to get to know the other members, reflect on and plan your leadership goals, and design a vision and plan of action. In subsequent months we will meet for four hours to focus on a specific strategic topic, network, check-in on goals and plans, participate in structured masterminding and support each other in taking massive or mission critical action. Monthly check-in calls will encourage learning and accountability. This is a comprehensive and holistic program that requires full dedication and participation in the group.  The program curriculum includes:

• Personal Mastery

• Coaching Mastery

• Communication Mastery

• Team Leadership Mastery

• Change Mastery

• Interpersonal Mastery

• Results Mastery

• Strategic Mastery

• Emotional Intelligence Mastery

• Culture Mastery

• Peak Performance Mastery


Each participant will receive a comprehensive binder, a monthly leadership book, a subscription to Success magazine, and a one-year book summary subscription. Executives will also have access to an online forum for discussions, articles, white papers, templates, book summaries, audios, and other leadership resources.

This elite program is limited to 10 executives, so register today to reserve your spot.  This program allows only one executive from each Credit Union in a given group.

Exclusive Association Bonus!  Participants in the Executive Success Circle will receive the audio program, "Living Your Best Year Ever!" by Darren Hardy.    Have you ever wondered why it looks so easy for some people to achieve their goals? They get ahead faster and accomplish more than you, even though you work harder, longer and seemingly smarter. Darren Hardy, SUCCESS magazine publisher and author of the New York Times best-seller, The Compound Effect, developed an excellent system for massive achievement.

Dates of the Success Circle meetings: September 26; October 24; November 21; December 19; January 23, 2014; February 27, 2014; March 27, 2014; April 24, 2014; May 22, 2014; June 26, 2014; and July 24, 2014.   The first session on September 26 is a full day.   All other sessions will run four hours.

For additional information click here or contact Nick Koumentakos at 443.325.0766 or