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PolicyPro Now Available to MD|DC Members

Wed, Jul 24, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

We are excited to announce that CU PolicyPro is being offered as a new benefit of MD|DC Credit Union Association membership. CU PolicyPro contains more than 200 detailed model policies to help your credit union manage today’s ongoing compliance and operational challenges. Together with InfoSight, your credit union now has at its disposal a comprehensive suite of policies and regulatory compliance guidance written especially for credit unions by legal and financial experts.

CU PolicyPro is completely customizable to meet your credit union’s unique and changing needs. Existing credit union policies can be easily added into the system through a secure website for efficient, consistent policy management. We are excited to offer this new program at no additional cost for affiliated credit unions. It is the perfect complement to the already popular and trusted InfoSight, and will further help to strengthen your compliance efforts.

For a CU PolicyPro brochure, click here.

To Register for CU PolicyPro A separate ID/PW is required to access CU PolicyPro. To register for access to the CU PolicyPro manual, click here.

To Login to CU PolicyPro If you already have an ID/PW for CU PolicyPro, click here to login.

For more information, contact Jennifer Simmons, Chief Membership Officer.