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Login To CUAnalyzer From Your New Callahan Portal

Tue, Feb 6, 2018

Last week we shared with you changes to how you’ll access CUAnalyzer, which you have access to through the Maryland & DC Credit Union Association. Starting today the only way to access CUAnalyzer will be through your new Callahan Portal. The direct link no longer exists and will redirect you to the portal. We recommend bookmarking this link.

This is a minor change that will not impact your ability to easily log into CUAnalyzer. Through the portal you’ll also be able to access a support library with downloadable how-to guides and self-paced video learning and register for CUAnalyzer training courses.

Getting Started

Log in to the portal here. Bookmark this link for future use. You can also find a log in button from the home page of and

Once you sign in, you'll see both the CUAnalyzer logo and the Maryland & DC Credit Union Association logo. Below that are quick links to Log In to CUAnalyzer, Get Started with our support site, or Contact Us for assistance. Below that you can read best practice content over on and easily register for an upcoming training.

Need Help?

If you cannot access the portal for any reason, please don't hesitate to contact Callahan directly.  The portal uses a web service to improve the speed and security of the site. The web service is, in some cases, being classified as a gaming site on internet registries. Therefore some credit union firewalls are blocking the service. There is a very simple fix. Pass this document along to your IT team, or reply to this email and Callahan will be glad to assist.

If you have any immediate questions, please contact your representative at the Maryland & DC Credit Union Association, Leigh Philibosian at or contact Callahan's support team