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95 Percent Customer Retention as AffirmX Becomes Class Leading CU Compliance Solution

Thu, Feb 1, 2018

AffirmX has become the class leading credit union solution for compliance monitoring and internal audit for good reason. AffirmX is a cloud-based near real time risk-calculating solutions company that combines people and technology to help your team reduce the anxieties, workloads and costs associated with regulatory compliance.

How did AffirmX get that good? Education, top tier hires and quality control systems honed over the past six years have played a big role, but nothing takes the place of experience. Last year AffirmX’s operations center of compliance analysts and internal auditors reviewed over 10,156 artifacts and completed 58 ACH Independent Audits, 66 BSA Independent Audits, 82 SAFE Act Reports and 79 Website Compliance Reviews. The numbers for MD|DC Credit Union Association affiliates: 2093 artifacts reviewed,18 ACH Audits, 17 BSA Audits, 26 SAFE Act Reports and 21 Website Compliance Reviews.

The result, approximately 95% customer retention, an overwhelming majority of the credit unions experiencing same or better exam results over the prior year, and another 60% growth for AffirmX.

Proactively manage compliance for Advertising and Website, BSA, Deposits, Lending and Operations and more with AffirmX. 

For more information, contact Andre Lucas, Director of Compliance at or 443.325.0777.