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2017 CULAC Holiday Sweepstakes a Success!

Wed, Jan 3, 2018

The holiday season got off to a great start for 9 lucky winners of the 2017 CULAC (Credit Union Legislative Action Council) Holiday Sweepstakes sponsored by the MD|DC Credit Union Association. Winners received prizes ranging from a flat screen TV, to game consoles and a wine refrigerator.

The sweepstakes raised $5,000 for CULAC, which is the political action committee that supports our Congressional elected officials and candidates who are credit union-friendly and supporters of our not-for-profit tax status.

Winners received their prizes just in time for the holidays. Congratulations to the 2017 CULAC Holiday Sweepstakes winners:

  • The Partnership FCU - Kathleen Williams
  • Democracy FCU - Kathleen Geary
  • NIHFCU - Liping Shuai
  • The Partnership FCU - Michelle Barnes
  • Dept. of Labor FCU - James Vancini
  • Democracy FCU - Guy Marshall
  • ACT 1st FCU - Christie Clark
  • Police FCU - Clay Goldstein
  • SECU - Gayle Youngblood

As promised, the credit unions that raised the most money based on the number of employees will receive a catered lunch from the Association. For credit unions with less than 50 employees, Democracy FCU won for the second year in row. For credit unions with more than 50 employees, NIHFCU and SECU tied, so both will be treated to lunch on us!

Thank you to the following credit unions for their generous donation of prizes: Democracy FCU, Department of Labor FCU, Educational Systems FCU, First Eagle FCU, Montgomery County EFCU, NIH FCU, OAS Staff FCU, PAHO/WHO FCU and SECU.