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Third Baltimore City Millionaire’s Club Sponsored by MECU of Baltimore

Wed, Nov 8, 2017

Municipal Employees Credit Union (MECU) of Baltimore, Inc. has sponsored their third Baltimore City Millionaire's Club financial literacy program at the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women (BLSYW).  

“MECU is proud to be sponsoring your Millionaire’s Club,” said MECU President & CEO John Hamilton at a recent gathering of the BLSYW students.  “You are going to find that the skills and experience you gain through the Millionaire’s Club will serve you throughout your lives.  You’ve already begun your road to success by choosing to join this Club.”

Club members at the Baltimore charter school are learning personal finance skills, and preparing to enjoy competitions with other schools, engaging in investment simulations, and performing an annual entrepreneurial project.  

"MECU is dedicated to the success of Baltimore City residents, and the Millionaire’s Club is one of the ways that we can help ensure their success,” noted Adrian Johnson, MECU’s Sr. VP & Chief Financial Officer and Board member at the MD|DC Credit Union Foundation, creators of the Millionaire’s Club.  “We plan to work with all of our Millionaire’s Club members to help them recognize responsible choices related to their personal financial success.”

Millionaire’s Club members at BLSYW develop budgeting skills, learn how to select financial services that best meet their needs, discover ways to protect their assets and identities, distinguish responsible borrowing, make wise career choices, and develop wise investment strategies to help put their savings to work for their future security.

The six-month, 26-session program is available to schools and credit unions nationwide at no charge through the Foundation’s MillionairesClub.Org site. 

School Clubs are provided seed grants, detailed curriculum, and faculty/student materials at no charge.  Clubs enter into local, regional, and national competitions such as The Stock Market Game™ and The Personal Finance Challenge™.  Sponsoring credit unions provide additional support through guest speaking engagements, hosting field trips, and mentoring Club members.  Additional support materials add a fun, competitive edge to the Club's activities.  Millionaire's Clubs have produced State and National personal finance champions as well as first-place Stock Market Game™ competitors since the program was founded in 2013.

As of this writing over 1,900 students benefit annually from their participation in the Millionaire’s Club at forty-five sites. 

For information on the Millionaire's Club financial education experience, visit MillionairesClub.Org.