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Prince George's Community Federal CU Former CEO Receives MACUMA Award

Tue, Sep 26, 2017

Prince George’s Community Federal Credit Union staff, management and Board of Directors salute Cindy Prestandrea as this year’s MACUMA (Metropolitan Area Credit Union Association) Lifetime Achievement recipient.

Prestandrea, former CEO, started in the credit union industry in 1972 with Navy Federal Credit Union. She then worked her way through a number of organizations and departments until landing the position as Prince George’s Community Federal Credit Union CEO in 1995. Throughout her journey, Prestandrea has focused on implementing a number of programs and products to benefit members. She was most instrumental in crafting savings products like the Pot-of-Gold, molding programs like the Stallings and Prestandrea scholarship and expanding the field of membership to serve all of Prince George’s County Maryland. During her leadership, the credit union jumped from approximately $35 million to $136 million in assets.

“I believe that what we do here in ‘credit-union land’ is very important," explains Prestandrea.  "Just as people go to a doctor for them to perform a surgery or help you with an ailment, people come to a credit union to gain help with their finances. This is the reason I stuck with this industry. So many people out there don’t really understand how to manage their money. Credit unions are like urgency care centers. They are the place where people can come and get a better understanding of money management and move closer to their financial goals.” 

Congratulations again to Mrs. Prestandrea for her life-long commitment to excellence and service to the credit union movement. To see a video of her credit union journey, visit or