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Phase Two of Same-Day ACH Has Arrived

Sun, Sep 17, 2017

Phase 2 of Same-Day ACH is here! Some things to consider now that Same-Day debit has made its debut. 

Your credit union should expect an increase in the volume of overdrafts in the next 30 -45 days as debits could post earlier than members expect. Front-line tellers, call center employees and other customer service representatives should be prepared to respond to members’ questions and concerns. We suggest developing a list of discussion points to ensure consistent responses. One lesson (of many) from Equifax is to make sure call centers and frontline staff are able to respond to inquiries with consistent information.

The Federal Reserve posted the following resources to help with the rollout of phase 2:

If you have any questions on Same-Day ACH, please contact Andre Lucas, Director of Compliance at 443.325.0777 or