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Activism and action results in major victory for credit union movement

Fri, Sep 15, 2017

Thanks to credit union activism and engagement, the movement won a major victory this week on Capitol Hill. On Wednesday the Amodei-Aguilar amendment was passed on a voice vote in the House of Representatives. The bipartisan amendment removed a provision, in House appropriations Bill H.R. 3354, placing the NCUA under the appropriations process.

The leagues, CUNA and credit unions mobilized in opposition to limiting the independence of the NCUA by unnecessarily comingling credit union resources with taxpayer resources, potentially causing credit union resources to be used to pay for other areas of government.

Many of MD|DC CUA credit union members responded by contacting their representatives, strongly urging them to support the amendment. The Association’s Advocacy team went to Capitol Hill and met with members of the Maryland and DC delegations to make the case for supporting the Amodi-Aguilar amendment, and maintaining the NCUA’s independence.

Credit unions deserve a tremendous thank-you for actively engaging on this very important issue and working together to send a strong message to Congress. The message was received – loud and clear!