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Support strategic planning with CUAnalyzer

Thu, Aug 10, 2017

As an affiliate of the MD|DC Credit Union Association, your credit union has access to CUAnalyzer, which is a valuable resource for strategic planning. 

Every institution approaches strategic planning differently. Regardless of the approach to or location of planning sessions, incorporating peer analysis from CUAnalyzer is an ideal way to enhance the impact of strategic planning. With current, accurate financial data at hand for themselves as well as peers, credit unions can correct weaknesses and identify areas on which to capitalize.

Log into CUAnalyzer and check out the metrics including membership growth, delinquency ration, return on assets, members per employee (FTE), and loan portfolio composition. These ratios encompass four high-level interest areas: Growth, Asset Quality, Business Model, and Productivity & Member Relationships. CUAnalyzer has hundreds of pre-built financial graphs and tables to assist in strategic planning.

For further support in your strategic planning process, consult the Strategic Planning Toolkit by Callahan (you'll need to be signed in to see it). Here you'll find data, articles, and video content to guide your strategic planning for 2017.

If your credit union needs login information, please contact Michelle Byrnie-Parker at

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