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Check Out The New and Improved Branch Analyzer

Thu, Jun 27, 2013

Columbia, Maryland

Through our partnership with Callahan & Associates, MD|DC member credit unions have access to the new and improved Branch Analyzer through CUAnalyzer.

Branch Analyzer allows users to track market share and overall performance against financial institutions in a defined market using bank deposit data from the FDIC's Summary of Deposits. Credit unions can look at branch performance based on trends over time and compare to banks and credit unions within a defined market. Branch deposit analysis focuses on deposit growth, market share, number of branches and total deposits by institution.

Use Branch Analyzer to more accurately guage your true "competition", see how local banks compare to your credit unions branches, and learn why some credit unions perform better than banks in their local markets or vice versa.

Branch Analyzer can help you:

  • Identify your market share at both the institution and branch levels to set goals for improvement;
  • Identify the location of your next branch based on the market share of other banks and credit unions; and
  • Identify market leaders who are growing their market share the fastest so you can develop new ideas for growth.

Access to CUAnalyzer and Branch Analyzer  is dues-supported and is available to all MD|DC Credit Union Association affiliates.