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Love My Credit Union Rewards Program Q2 Audit Deadline

Thu, Jun 29, 2017

Quarter 2 marketing for the Love My Credit Union Rewards program is coming to a close in less than three weeks. If you have not sent a quarterly communication to your members marketing the Love My Credit Union Rewards program this quarter, there's still time! While you’re working on this quarter’s marketing initiatives, check in on how your credit union performed in Quarter 1. The Quarter 1 2017 audit has been completed and the results are available for review on your credit union’s Dashboard, located in the Partner Center. To access your audit report from your Dashboard, simply click on the Marketing Audit.

Report Tab. From here, you will be able to view the programs you are enrolled in and the status of your marketing. Below is a brief guide to the status indicators:

  • A green check mark   will appear if you have successfully completed your marketing requirements for the quarter.
  • A red X will appear if you did not complete your marketing requirements or if you have not forwarded documentation of your completed marketing tactic for the quarter.
  • To access details for non-completed status, simply click on the red X and an audit report summary will appear displaying the requirements that need to be fulfilled.

As a reminder, the marketing requirements for each program can be found in your Dashboard by clicking on the "Marketing Requirements" tab. If your credit union is missing any marketing requirements, please

complete the requirement listed in your audit report and notify your Client Manager or Client Support. Please be sure to forward any documentation for quarterly member communication tactics executed.

If you have any questions, or need assistance marketing the Love My Credit Union Rewards program, contact your Client Manager or Client Support at or 866-348-2887.