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2017 AMC Speaker Presentations Available

Wed, Jun 21, 2017

It was a very successful and engaging 2017 Annual Meeting & Convention in Ocean City, with over 350 participants joining MD|DC CUA staff and board for the conference.

Listed below are the breakout sessions and speaker presentations that were provided to the Association. To view, please click on the name of the presentation or speech. Not all presentations are available.

Please contact Leigh Philibosian if you have any questions:

Brand Like the Big Boys (Bryn Conway, BC Consulting)

The Anatomy of a Breach Adapting to the Many Masks of the Cyber Criminal (Suzanne Kelley, PSCU)

Talking like a Leader Supplemental Packet (Anthony Huey, Reputation Management Associates)

The Latest Compliance Nightmare Just Became a Revenue Dream (Robert van der Hooning, I/O Analytica)