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The Next Wave of Change in Digital Payments Training on November 1

Fri, Sep 15, 2017

Join Dr. Art Harper, PSCU Director of Card Solutions Consulting on Wednesday November 1, 2017, to learn about the new wave of card services technology.

Change is coming to the payment landscape. Technologies such as EMV, along with payment systems such as PayPal and Near Field Communication (NFC) are becoming commonplace. The magnetic stripe version of credit, debit, and prepaid cards are quickly becoming obsolete. Credit unions must swap out member cards and upgrade ATMs and adapt to new data processing systems, fee programs, authorization methods and fraud prevention tools. 

Dr. Art Harper has been the Director of Solutions Consulting for Card Payments at PSCU for four years, leading teams that manage solutions offered to PSCU’s Member-Owner Credit Unions.  Prior to joining PSCU, Art served as Vice President of Electronic Services at South Carolina Federal Credit Union for 15 years. 

Art led the EMV initiative at PSCU, reaching over 3000 people through EMV Roadshows, and one-on-one meetings and webinars and has been instrumental in assisting PSCU Member-Owners convert to EMV. He is regarded as a leader in EMV migration movement not only for PSCU, but for the US payments industry.  Art is an active member Board member of the EMV Migration Forum. He has been sought out in articles in numerous publications to include Credit Union Times, Credit Union Journal, CU Tech Talk, and Payment Journal regarding EMV. Additionally, he is a member of the Federal Reserve Task Force for Faster Payments.


Registration and more training details available here.