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How the Credit Union Cherry Blossom and SacTown Runs Raised $580,000 for CMN Hospitals

Wed, May 10, 2017

CU Broadcast's Mike Lawson recently interviewed Theresa Mann President/CEO of The Partnership FCU & Credit Union Miracle Day Chair. Here's his story:

Now that the achy muscles have subsided, the cherry trees blossomed, and a whole lot of money was raised for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals nationwide, it's time to get a post Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run (and SacTown Run) report on how things turned out a few weeks ago in Washington, D.C. (and Sacramento).

We went to the person who has all the inside information on this event, The Partnership Federal Credit Union President/CEO Theresa Mann, who is also Credit Union Miracle Day Chair. Theresa joined us on the show to share how the races went, how many folks participated, how much of an impact credit unions made over that sunny weekend in April, and how much was raised for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals via Credit Unions for Kids.

We also touched on how these events could transform into creating a unified credit union marketing message for the masses, as well as setting another successful tone for 2018. VIEW THE INTERVIEW HERE