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90-Day General Assembly Ends Tonight at Midnight

Mon, Apr 10, 2017

Annapolis, Maryland

Today, Monday, April 10 marks the close of the 90-day General Assembly session in Annapolis. Over 2,850 bills were introduced and the advocacy team, focused on approx. 75 bills of high interest to credit unions, submitting comments and/or testified in committee hearings in two dozen. The association views the outcome of the session overall as a positive one in that numerous bills introduced and debated involving the foreclosure process, most of which would extend the timeline and expense to the process. The association worked with various Committees, elected officials and other stakeholders to defeat these bills.   

Other bills of note which the team focused on and were able to work to defeat included state chartered institutions ‘overdraft protection plans.’ The bill would have made it more difficult if not impossible in some cases to offer the plans.  A ‘Bank Deserts’ bill which would have established a task force to determine financial institution ‘deserts’ around the state and come up with ‘incentives’ for institutions to locate a brick and mortar branch in that area.

The big ticket item for the session impacting all businesses with 15+ employees was a ‘paid sick leave’ bill which overwhelmingly passed both Chambers of the General Assembly. Gov. Hogan pleaded to the veto the bill as a “job-killer” but it remains to be seen if he carries out his pledge. If he does veto the general assembly will not have an opportunity to overturn his veto until Jan. 2018.

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