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SECU Hosts Own Your Money Finance Fair

Fri, Dec 2, 2016

Towson, Maryland

More than 50 students from the Academy of Finance programs at Lansdowne, Randallstown, and Overlea High Schools in Baltimore County participated in SECU’s first Own Your Money Finance Fair. The event was held at the SECU Arena at Townson University with 35 volunteers from SECU.

The fair helps teach basic money management skills that are key to economic and career success. Students were assigned a career and monthly salary, and had to figure out how to live within their means while paying for basics such as housing, utilities, transportation, clothing and food.

Students visited booths to determine their budget for housing, transportation, groceries and other essentials. As in the real world, there were opportunities for additional spending on entertainment, pets, gym memberships and other non-essentials. There was even an element of surprise with a “wheel of life” that could throw a curveball into their budgets with an unplanned expense or a windfall of cash.

After the students visited the various booths, they balanced their budget, and then sat down with a financial counselor for review.