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Bill to Raise Baltimore City's Minimum Wage Gets Support in Committee

Mon, Aug 1, 2016


The proposed legislation to increase the minimum wage in Baltimore City to $15 per hour received a bolster of support late last week. The council’s labor committee voted unanimously to approve the draft version of the bill, which will send it to a full vote before the Baltimore City Council in about a month.

City Council President, Jack Young, believes that this proposal could hurt Baltimore’s business community and is seeking to scale back the increase.

The Baltimore City Council is currently split on the measure and the future of the legislation is uncertain given a few councilmembers who have not made known their intentions of whether to vote for or against. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has indicated that if the bill passes, she intends to sign it into law.

Several city businesses and trade groups have voiced their opposition to the legislation, citing that it would put the city as a “competitive disadvantage.” A full vote on the measure is expected sometime in the next month.